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Using a unique combination of pre-programmed algorithms, the Zona Plus starts each session by measuring your personal, maximum grip strength.
In just seconds, the Zona plus measures your strength in each hand and calculates the exact grip force required for maximum result – uniquely calibrated to your own strength.
After the initial calibration, the device guides you through a 12-minute session which uses the science of isometric exercise.  
As with all isometrics (the Latin word meaning “equal measurement”), the Zona Plus forces the user to hold the device at exactly the same pressure throughout the session, giving both visual and audio indications when the user tightens or loosens their grip.  And, because the Zona Plus promotes this physical activity, when used as part of a healthy lifestyle, it may even help reduce the risk of health factors as high blood pressure.
The FDA classifies the Zona Plus as a Class I, Powered Exercise Device
and states that it is intended for adjunctive use in the overall management of cardiovascular fitness.

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By signing up for the Zona affiliate program you will receive a unique coupon code that gives your patients $50 OFF when purchasing the Zona Plus at www.zona.com.

Each time your unique code is used at checkout you will receive $150 disbursed directly to you at the end of the month.

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You will be able to log in to your unique dashboard and track your sales and payouts.

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Includes: The Zona Plus, Heart Health Coach, Two Lifetime Memberships to My Zona Health Online Portal, Carrying Case, Quick Start Guide, Charging Cable.

Dave Asprey

Father of Biohacking 

Other Celebrity Endorsements

Dr. Phil

American Talk Show Host

Watch Dave talk about how he uses the Zona Plus frequently and it's the best piece of biofeedback tech he's ever seen.

Listen to Dr. Phil recommending the Zona Plus to the listeners of his new podcast Phil in The Blanks.

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Physician Endorsements

“As a physician who has used the device myself, I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.”

Dr. David Kyle, DO

Doctor of Family Medicine

“Using the Zona Plus is the perfect complement to any fitness plan.  It’s like nothing else I’ve ever seen before.”

Founder, Level 1 Diagnostics

Dr. Steven Helshien, DC

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